Replacement Options for EVS-1464RT

Updated Jul 13, 2018

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  • EVS-1464
  • CVS-1458
  • CVS-1459
  • Industrial Controller

Issue Details

In my previous systems, I've used the EVS-1464RT to control my Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) machine vision cameras. I'm working on setting up a new system, and have noticed that the EVS systems are not recommended for new systems. What hardware should I use instead?


There are a few options that might be a good fit, depending on what you need. Here are the most similar products we currently sell:
  • CVS-1458RT- This Compact Vision System has two on-board GigE ports and comes bundled with a license for Vision Builder for Automated Inspection. This model runs an RT operating system, so the experience will be much like the EVS.
  • Industrial Controllers- These are very similar to the CVS line, but come in a wider range of performance options. Industrial Controllers can come with RT operating systems and have similar connectivity options, but they do not include a license for Vision Builder for Automated Inspection.

Additional Information

If your new system includes USB cameras instead of GigE, consider using the CVS-1459RT instead.


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