How Can I Change the Default Palette That Appears When I Right Click on the Front Panel ?

Updated Oct 24, 2020

Everytime I right click on the Front Panel, the objects that appear first are the "Modern" one, even if I changed in the options the default style of the Front Panel items ( Changing the Default Style or Theme of Front Panel Items ). How can I change that ?

Changing the default style in the options affect only the objects that are created through the right click menu on the diagram "Create" >> "Control/Indicator/Constant".
If you want to change the list order of the Front Panel objects palette, you need :
  1. First attach the palette

  1. Right click on the palette you want to see expanded by default and click on Move to Top (Expand by Default)

Additional Information

This can also been done through Tools >> Advanded ... >> Edit Palette Set