Change VeriStand Project Back to the Original Version

Updated Oct 6, 2018

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I have a VeriStand project which was created using VeriStand version 2015.0.0, but I opened and saved it with VeriStand version 2017.0.0.
Now I want to edit the project in version 2015.0.0 again, but I cannot open the .nivssdf file, I think it has been upgraded into 2017.0.0 version, how to change it back to the original version?


Yes indeed, you cannot edit the .nivssdf  fie of the project in VeriStand 2015.0.0 again because it has been upgraded into a 2017.0.0 version.
However, you can modify the VeriStand version information in the .nivssdf file in a text editor since it is actually an XML file, as shown in the following steps.
  1. Open the .nivssdf file with an text editor.
  2. Change the number "2017" in the 3rd row into "2015", then save and close.

Then you shall open the .nivssdf file in VeriStand version 2015.0.0, without any error.

Additional Information

This method only applies when you want to change a VeriStand project back to the version by which it is created. 


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