VLM Disconnected License Does Not Activate My Software

Updated Dec 15, 2020

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I have installed a disconnected license file using NI License Manager and receive no warnings during installation. However, when I launch my software, it is still not activated.


First, open NI License Manager to locate and check the activation status of the disconnected license. If you are using NI License Manager 4.0 or later, the disconnected license will be the first item in the Local Licenses tab.

If the status indicates a fully featured license in NI License Manager 4.0 or later, but you still get the activation window when trying to launch the software, shows as evaluation or it shows a red exclamation mark in previous versions, there may be a difference between the username/computer ID settings on the computer.
  • For computer-based licenses, ensure that the computer ID matches the ID provided when the disconnected license file was generated. Follow the steps in Red Exclamation Point for Disconnected License in NI License Manager to solve the problem.
  • For user-based licenses, ensure the username provided during the disconnected license file generation matches the username on the target machine. To determine the current username of the machine, open up a command prompt window and enter echo %username%.
    • If the computer is on a different domain than the server, be sure to include the domain when generating the license file. You can determine the full username (with domain) by entering whoami into the command prompt.
    • If the username of the target machine is different than the one of the disconnected license file, you need to ask the software administrator to change the username of the disconnected license file to make it match with the username of the machine. You can also change the username of the machine matching the one of the disconnected license file.

If the computer ID/username is not the problem, check the activation status of the software you are trying to launch. If the status indicates the software is in evaluation after installing the disconnected license, refer to VLM Disconnected License File Showing up as Evaluation.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try uninstalling then reinstalling your NI software.

Additional Information

If there are errors in the machine's computer information in addition to the Computer ID, the disconnected license will appear as unlicensed in the NI License Manager. 
If you are using an offline machine and have a Network interface controller,(NIC), connected to the computer, make sure the card is enabled to allow access to a valid Computer ID.