IVI Driver Palette Not Showing in LabVIEW After Installation

Updated Jul 31, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

After Installing an instrument driver, my driver's VI's are not showing in the LabVIEW Block Diagram Palette.


Check in the installation directory for the driver. Most of the IVI drivers have code compiled into a .LLB file. The .LLB File can be added to the LabVIEW library with built in LabVIEW functionality.
  1. In LabVIEW go to Tools»Advanced»Edit Palette Set 
  2. Navigate to the part of the palette you would like it to appear
  3. Right Click on an empty spot
  4. Select Insert -> Subpalette
  5. Link to an LLB
  6. Navigate to the IVI Driver's .LLB file


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