NI Support for STANAG 3350 Analog Video Standard

Updated Apr 17, 2023

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  • Video Measurement Software
  • Analog Video Generator Toolkit

Issue Details

I would like to acquire or generate STANAG 3350 analog video. Does NI support this analog video standard?


STANAG 3350 is a NATO-defined analog video standard for military aircraft avionics. It consists of three channels and is a component RGB signal with timing based on NTSC, PAL, or RS-343 civilian composite analog video standards. STANAG 3350 comes in three versions: Class A, B, and C, sometimes referred to as STANAG A, STANAG B, and STANAG C. 

NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) Analog with the Component (HDTV) add-on and VideoMUX hardware supports the acquisition of STANAG A, B, and C. To acquire these standards, set up VMS like a normal component acquisition, and choose the STANAG standard from the video standards and resolutions list. 

NI Analog Video Generator (AVG) with the Advanced Composite Video Generation add-on supports the generation of STANAG A, B, and C video. However, AVG only supports composite interlaced monochrome video (one channel). There is currently no support for component video generation in AVG for STANAG 3350 or any other formats. You cannot use the NI Analog Video Generator to generate STANAG 3350 video in the component RGB or YUV/YPbPr color spaces.