ELVISmx Instrument Launcher Hangs When Opening the Oscilloscope or Digital Multi-Meter

Updated Jul 11, 2018

Reported In


  • myDAQ Student Data Acquisition Device


  • myDAQ Software Suite


  • NI-ELVISmx

Issue Details

I am using an NI myDAQ and NI ELVIXmx I18.0. When I try to open up the Oscilloscope, or the Digital Multi-Meter (DMM), the application hangs for a long time but doesn't crash. I have to force close the application. The other applications work without a problem, what is going on?


Make sure that you are running the application as an administrator. If you aren't, some functions in ELVISmx may not be allowed to start, which will keep the application hung up at the splash screen for the function you are trying to access