Why Are Some Functions in DIAdem Script Marked as Obsolete?

Updated Nov 15, 2018

Reported In


  • DIAdem 2017

Issue Details

I recently switched from DIAdem 2013 to DIAdem 2017 and when I use DIAdem Script I noticed that some functions or variables, which I use often, are marked obsolete in DIAdem Help, but they are still working and I can use them. 

Why they are marked as obsolete and what does it mean for me?


Starting in DIAdem 2017 some functions and variables are marked as obsolete. As they are still working and you can use them, National Instruments recommends to not to use them for new design and rather use object-oriented interface instead. 

Most of the functions or variables marked as obsolete contain replacement function or property with the same functionality. For example, ChD variable is replaced by Values property, CMax variable is replaced by Maximum property.

In case obsolete function or variable does not have any replacement in DIAdem Help, this functionality will be no longer provided in DIAdem and it is suggested to use different functions or variables.

Additional Information

Example script named Searching for Obsolete Commands and Variables can help you to find all functions and variables in your script, which are obsolete. This example is part of shipping examples since DIAdem 2017.


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