Statistical Functions Available in DAQExpress

Updated Aug 9, 2018

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  • DAQExpress

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I consider migration of simple data logger from LabVIEW to DAQExpress environment. I am using only DAQ Assistant and Amplitude and Level Measurements Express VIs in my project. I didn't find the same or similar functions in DAQExpress. Am I able to successfully migrate my existing code?


DAQExpress environment contains a number of functions to help you calculate significant values of your signal. In DAQExpress choose File » New » LabVIEW VI. This will create and open LabVIEW VI, which can be used inside DAQExpress environment. The number of functions is limited compared to LabVIEW NXG environment, but all major statistical and signal processing functions like Amplitude Measurements (AC DC and RMS)Amplitude Measurements (Peak Amplitude)Statistics and Histogram are available and can be used as needed.

Use Measurement Tasks in DAQExpress as a replacement of DAQ Assistant Express VI. 


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