Importing a Certain NI Software Installer into NI Batch Installer Builder

Updated Jul 11, 2018

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  • Batch Installer Builder

Issue Details

We use the NI Batch Installer Builder annually to build a software package with all NI software we roll out to our users. Today, I have downloaded an installer for an NI software from the website called NIRFmxSpecAn250.exe. I think this exe file cannot be included into a deployment package since NI Batch Installer Builder looks for files named setup.exe to load and be packaged.

Do you know a way around to make NI Batch Installer Builder work on this exe file to install it?


The needed setup.exe is inside the downloaded file, which is a self-extracting compressed file. It needs to be extracted first before it can be used with NI Batch Installer Builder.

Perform the following steps to do so:
  1. Locate the downloaded file <something>.exe on your computer's drive.
  2. It is a self-extracting archive, execute it by double-clicking it to start the extraction wizard.
  3. Uncheck When done unzipping open: .\setup.exe, as you only want to extract it, without installing it onto your computer.
  4. Note the path in Unzip to folder.
  5. Click Unzip.
  1. When finished, locate the extracted files in the path found in the previous steps. It typically is C:\National Instruments Downloads\<package name>\<version>. This path contains the setup.exe file you need.
  2. In NI Batch Installer Builder, click Add Installer Copy or Add Installer Shortcut, and point towards the path containing the previously extracted setup.exe.

Additional Information

NI Batch Installer Builder lets you build installers that contain National Instruments software from any number of NI products or updates. By adding NI installers to the NI Batch Installer Builder source library, you can create build specifications that combine your installers into custom bundles that meet your needs.


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