How Can I Populate the Simple Text Report in TestStand?

Updated May 8, 2023



  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW

How do I specify which data that is included in the report generated by the Simple Text Report (LabVIEW) plugin in TestStand? 

First of all, make sure that the Simple Text Report plugin is installed. 

In order to display specific data (columnwise), one must specify the key associated with that data for the column in question. This is done in the Simple Text Report (LabVIEW) sequence file, located in:
<TestStand Public>\Components\Models\ModelPlugins\NI_SimpleTextReport_LabVIEW.seq
In the local variable named ReportColumns, located in the Model Plugin - Initialize sequenceseen in the figure below, the default key values of different data and column names (DisplayName) can be seen.

Modify the above Keys (and DisplayName) to display specific data. You can also add or remove report columns.