Get a Valid Voltage Range of PXIe-4300 When Used With TB-4300B

Updated Oct 26, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-4300
  • TB-4300B
  • TB-4300

Issue Details

The maximum input voltage range for PXIe-4300 is +/-10V but when used with TB-4300B, the range increases to +/-300V. However, when I input maximum and minimum voltage range in LabVIEW, it can only accept up to 10V and -10V. When reading AI Range Max and Min, I get 10V and -10V also.

How do I obtain the valid voltage range for PXIe-4300 and TB-4300B ?


DAQmx driver can only get or set the input voltage range of PXIe-4300 which can be +/-1V, +/-2V, +/-5V, or +/-10V. 
Since TB-4300B attenuates input signals by 1/30, PXIe-4300 with TB-4300B can read up to +/-300V range.

In order to check the valid voltage range with TB-4300B, it needs to be calculated programmatically. By using AccessoryType property in DAQmx Device class, you can get which terminal block is being used with PXIe-4300. If TB-4300B is used, multiply the maximum and minimum voltage with 30. 

Additional Information

To set a voltage range of PXIe-4300 with TB-4300B, you also need to take the attenuation ratio into consideration. For example, if you want to set the input voltage range to +/-30V, write +1V and -1V to maximum value and minimum value in DAQmx Create Virtual Channel VI