Reading Data Directly from TestStand Queues using LabVIEW

Updated Aug 16, 2018

Reported In


  • TestStand 2016
  • LabVIEW 2017

Issue Details

I would like to be able to read data directly from TestStand Queues and Notifiers, however I did not find any available API for this purpose. I would like to use Queues to monitor statuses and get data in my LabVIEW VIs when working with multi-threaded executions.   


Even though there is no official API, there are ways of accessing TestStand Queues and Notifiers via references to the TestStand Synchronization Server API . 

Once the Synchronization manager reference is obtained, you muse type cast it to the ISyncManager class using the Variant to Data node.

Once obtained, use invoke nodes with the reference to access or modify the data in the synchronization object.

A very good example on how to achieve this for both transfer mechanisms can be found in the following forum post.  A more recent demo project which illustrates how to read string data from TestStand Queues is attached to this article. It was written using TestStand 2016 and LabVIEW 2017.



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