Internal Hardware Error -1074118650 (BFFA4006) with an NI 407x DMM

Updated Aug 22, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-4071


  • NI-DMM 3.0.2

Issue Details

I'm working with an NI 407x DMM and I received the following error:
Internal Hardware Error -1074118650 (BFFA4006)
What can I do?


Update to a newer version of NI-DMM compatible with your setup.

NI-DMM 3.0.2 fixed the issue with NI 407x devices that caused an internal hardware error when taking measurements with Auto Range.

Additional Information

This is related to an intermittent error propagated during the use of Auto Range, reported more with AC Frequency measurements.  For most measurement functions, Auto Range is configured by using the value of -1 for the niDMM Config Measurement’s range input.  

For frequency measurements, the use of auto range may not be obvious.  If niDMM Configure Frequency Voltage Range is not specifically called along with a specific voltage range value to set the voltage range of the frequency signal, then auto range is implicitly used. 

See the Configuring Frequency Measurements topic in the DMM Help file for the proper configuration.