DIAdem DAC: Select Between Multiple Channels

Updated Jul 6, 2018

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  • DIAdem
  • DIAdem DAC Kit
  • DIAdem DAC Bundle

Issue Details

How can I switch between multiple input channels in DIAdem DAC?


There is no feature in DIAdem DAC specifically for this purpose. As a workaround a formula node can be used.
The inputs of the formula node are the measurement input channels and the switch as presented on the picture below. The output is the selected signal.


You can access the settings of the formula node by double-klicking on it.
Specify in the formula which signal to chose if switch is enabled/disabled. This can be done by entering the following formula with a simple add operation:


Signal 1 is selected if Switch is enabled.
Signal 2 is selected if Switch is disabled.

The output can be seen in the following graph. If Switch (red line) is enabled, sine wave is selected. Otherwise, Square wave is selected.


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