Supported OrCAD DSN Files in Multisim

Updated Apr 9, 2020

Reported In


  • Multisim

Issue Details

  • I'm interested in importing schematic files from OrCAD into Multisim, I would like to know what versions are compatible.
  • After importing an OrCAD .dsn file, an error message states that the file type is not supported. Which versions can be used instead?


The OrCAD importer utility of Multisim supports DSN files up to OrCAD 16.2. Files from a newer OrCAD version (e.g. 16.3 and higher) will likely not work as a result of file format changes made after 16.2.

Even files made in OrCAD 16.2 and prior, may import with some limitations in Multisim.

If you have files made after OrCAD 16.2, you may attempt to save the file for a previous version in OrCAD, e.g. "Save as Capture 16.2 Design (*.DSN)", this will increase the importer success rate.

For pre-sales testing, you may download the Multisim evaluation edition. This will provide you with several days of Multisim use to understand the import capabilities as it pertains to your files.

For issues with DSN files not importing correctly, or not importing at all, you may also contact Tech Support to see if it is possible to import them.