What Is the Operating Voltage and Current of the NI-6584

Updated May 14, 2024

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  • NI-6584
  • PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO

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I am using an NI-6584 to perform RS-422 serial communications with a DUT. What are the output current and voltage specifications of the device, and, are they adjustable?


The NI-6584 is a device intended for interfacing RS-422 and RS-485 devices. As such it adheres to the output voltage ranges of the standard. The NI-6584 will output 3V with a typical output drive in the range of 25mA-35mA. Note that this is not listed in the NI-6584 Specifications Document and is therefore not a warranted specification.

The voltage level is not adjustable in software (i.e. the NI-6584 can not be set to output 5V logic).