NI VNA Time Domain Analysis Licensing

Updated Jun 29, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-5630
  • PXIe-5632


  • NI-VNA

Issue Details

I have several National Instruments VNA devices. I want to activate Time Domain Analysis on them but do not have a license. How do I get a license for each VNA?


You need to purchase a license for each VNA device.

You can purchase the Time Domain Analysis (TDA) option when you buy your VNA using the following part numbers:
PXIe-5632 with TDA option: 782299-02
PXIe-5630 with TDA option: 781219-02

Alternatively, you can purchase the license separately using the PN 781800-01. This is useful if you want to activate an already purchased VNA device. It works with both PXIe-5630 and 5632.

Additional Information

Note: Activation of Time Domain Analysis is done on the hardware itself. You will not have to activate it for the hardware again once it's been completed. As a result, you can change controllers and it will still be activated.

Follow the Time Domain Analysis for NI Vector Network Analyzers Activation Instructions to activate TDA.