What is the Pinout for the SHB 12X-B12X Cable with FlexRIO?

Updated Jul 9, 2018

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  • SHB12-B12X
  • NI-6583
  • PXI-6561
  • PXI-6562

Issue Details

I have an NI 6583 FlexRIO Adapter Module (FAM) that I want to use with an SHB 12X-B12X cable, but I don't know the cable pinout. The documentation mentions that the pins are reversed, but is there a schematic for this cable?


You can find the pinouts in the NI High-Speed Digital Waveform Analyzer/Generator Getting Started Guide under Appendix A, Figure 18. A side-by-side comparison of the pinouts for an NI 656x device showing how the pins are reversed by the SHB 12X-B12X cable is below.


Additional Information

Although the numbering is different on both ends of the cable, the pins with the same signal names (Pin 2 - PFI_1 and Pin 72 - PFI_1) are connected through. Therefore, pin 2 is connected to 72 (PFI_1), pin 3 to pin 71 (PFI_1*), pin 35 to pin 39 (DIO 7), etc.


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