Write to Measurement File Creates Corrupt TDMS File

Updated Jul 19, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW 2017

Issue Details

I am using the Write to Measurement File Express VI in my application to create binary TDMS files. When I build the application into an executable, the output files are blank or corrupt.  If I remove task input into the "DAQmx Task" terminal, the TDMS file is created correctly. Why is this happening? 


This behavior occurs because a part of the Write to Measurement File Express VI was not included in the built application. 

When you build the application, you must manually include ex_getDaqmxChannelPropertiesCore.vi to the "Always Included" portion of the application build specifications.

This article walks through further explanation of how to manually include a vi to build specifications. 

Additional Information

This is due to a general issue where a built application doesn't include a dynamically loaded VI at build time automatically. In this case, you must add it manually. 


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