Need Manufacturing Country of Origin For Customs Shipment

Updated Apr 17, 2023

Issue Details

I have NI cards in my system that need to be shipped out to another country. I need the country of origin for where these cards were manufactured for legal purposes. Where can I find those?


NI Corporation complies with all applicable import and export trade compliance laws and regulations and has created an internal database containing that information. To access, this link houses a lookup tool in Excel and includes information such as the HTS, ECCN, TARIC numbers. 

To use the tool:
1. Look up the part number of the product that you are going to ship
  • The part number should be on the white sticker attached to the card or plastic the device arrived in
  • If the part number cannot be found there, look up the device in our catalog and view the product details
2. Open Export/Import/Mfg. Location Information Lookup Tool on the Export Compliance Information page
3.. Enter the part number in the first column of the Excel sheet and the rest of the columns will auto-populate

If you are unable to find the information for your part number using this tool, send an email to to request the information on your specific device.