Recommendations for Deploying LabVIEW Code Modules with Teststand

Updated Nov 6, 2023

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  • TestStand
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I am considering distributing my LabVIEW-based TestStand system. Does NI provide recommendations for deploying my test program?


In addition to the recommendations and restrictions in the document Deploying LabVIEW Code Modules with NI TestStand, you might need to complete additional work to ensure that the LabVIEW and TestStand components interoperate correctly.

The best approach to organize test VIs is using LabVIEW project libraries (.lvlib), using project libraries in TestStand includes the following advantages:
  • You can avoid potential VI name collisions when you deploy multiple test systems to the same test station computer. Project libraries change the filenames of VIs they reference to a compound, qualified name that includes the project library filename so you can reference VIs with the same filename from different project libraries. 
  • You can enforce security settings, such as limiting public access to certain files or limiting editing permission for a collection of files to prevent calling support VIs the project library references or calling VIs the project library does not reference. You can protect your sequence file with password, to do this check the option Password Protection from Sequence File Properties Dialog Box.
  • You can organize files into a single hierarchy of items. When you reference a VI a project library references, LabVIEW also automatically references all the VIs in the project library. Similarly, when you load a VI a project library references, LabVIEW automatically loads the project library as well.