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Memory is Full on my Embedded cDAQ Controller

Updated Apr 23, 2019

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9133
  • cDAQ-9132

Issue Details

I'm using an embedded compactDAQ controller, and after installing LabVIEW and the needed drivers I see that there's almost no space left in the memory of my controller.

This is resulting in applications hanging and not respoding and not being able to do more things with the cDAQ, what can I do to reduce the memory usage of my controller?


If you are using the development enviroment for LabVIEW and complete versions of National Instruments drivers in the embedded controller, it would be recommended to instead use the Run-Time Engine versions of the software components and executables, as this would considerably lower the amount of memory needed by the required software.

Additional Information

The embedded cDAQ controllers are designed to be used ideally as systems for deploying applications and not as development systems, the Run-Time Engine software is designed for the deployment of applications and reducing the memory footprint in the system.

To debug and test applications in an embedded system without the LabVIEW develoment enviroment, Remote Debugging can be used.


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