Package Signature Validation Failed for Package on LabVIEW

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • Package Manager
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

During installation of LabVIEW using the NI Package Manager, I get the following error: 

Package signature validation failed for package 'ni-labview-2020-executable-x86'. Expected MD5 checksum '313c44ab785cd76d11385d05e85e7716' is different from actual checksum 'd41d8cd98f00b204e980099ecf8427e' The package may be corrupted: C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\packages\ni=labview-2020-executable-x86_20.0.0.49153-0+f1_windows_all.nipkg
Please check your internet connection and try again.


The checksum error is either due to a corrupted installation of the NI Package Manager or a corrupted download of the package itself. 
  • Please try the following steps.
  1.  *Navigate to C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\packages
  2. Search for the name of the package you are having the error. 
  3. Delete the package.
  4. Try to download and install the package again. 
*Note: The program data folder in Windows is a hidden folder.
  • If the above does not work, try uninstalling  all of the NI software and installing all the software separately, rebooting when directed. If you do not need to install PXI Platform Services, IVI Compliance Package and JKI VI Package Manager unselect them when installing the software. Install LabVIEW and the drivers in this order:
  1. LabVIEW 2020 Without Drivers
  2. NI-DAQmx, NI-488.2, NI-VISA, and NI-Serial
Note: If the above step still does not work try again with an offline installer. Make sure that your system is off the network for an offline installation.