Unable to Use Numbers Higher than 7FFFFFFF in the VeriStand UI Manager

Updated Jul 5, 2018

Reported In


  • VeriStand 2014
  • VeriStand 2015
  • VeriStand 2015 SP1
  • VeriStand 2016
  • VeriStand 2017

Issue Details

I am trying to display a hexadecimal number in the VeriStand UI Manager, but it appears the values are capped at 7FFFFFFF.


In order to display hexadecimal numbers, VeriStand uses integer type values instead of the default floating point format. The maximum value is limited to 7FFFFFFF because it is the maximum value of a relative integer using a 64-bit format. The only way to show higher numbers is to use the default floating point value display, or use a model to split the channel into two values.


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