NI SCB-68A Configuration for PXIe-6355

Updated Jun 7, 2024

Reported In


  • PXIe-6355
  • PXI-6225
  • PXI-6255
  • PXIe-6345
  • PXIe-6365
  • PXIe-6375
  • SCB-68A

Issue Details

I am using the PXIe-6355 with the NI SCB-68A Shielded Connector Block and I would like to know what mode is correct for my device.


According to this document, the NI 6355 (as well as the 6225/6255 and NI 6345/6355/6365/6375) must be used with the NI SCB-68A in Direct Feedthrough Mode