Class Library Licenser Is Unlicensed Error in Measurement Studio

Updated Mar 21, 2023

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio
  • NI License Manager

Programming Language

  • C# .NET
  • Visual Basic .NET


Issue Details

  • I am using one of my old projects on my new version of Measurement Studio and when trying to compile the program I get the following error message.
NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable.NetworkVariableLicenser is unlicensed.
  • I upgraded Measurement Studio, and now when I call the Analysis Enterprise Library I get the following error. 
NationalInstruments.Restricted.AnalysisLicenser is unlicensed. 
  • When I compile my project, a LicenseException is thrown.
  • NI graphs and controls do not show up correctly in the designer view (WPF) and show error code XDG0062.


Licensing errors in Measurement Studio can be caused due to either improper licensing of the Measurement Studio extension or an incorrect deployment of license files that contain the libraries' license references. Complete the following steps to try to solve the issue:
  • Make sure that your solution references are from the correct edition of the software you are using. For example, if you are using Measurement Studio Base or Professional editions, use NationalInstruments.Analysis.[Base or Professional] instead of NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise as a dependency:
  • Ensure you have the proper Development System activated. For this go to NI License Manager and check that the Development edition of the Measurement Studio you are using is licensed.

Additional Information

Microsoft .NET Framework language compilers embed Measurement Studio licenses into your assembly every time you build an assembly that references a Measurement Studio licensed class library. The compilers use License Compiler to do this. The input to License Compiler is a licenses.licx file that contains a list of licensed types and the assemblies that contain these licensed types. At compile time, License Compiler obtains licenses from NI License Manager for the Measurement Studio components listed in the licenses.licx file, which the .NET language compiler embeds into the assembly as a resource.