Can I Install Only the RPM Files from NI-DAQmx Base That Support My DAQ Device on Linux

Updated Jun 29, 2018

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  • NI-DAQmx Base

Operating System

  • Linux

Issue Details

I have a DAQ device and want to use it with Linux. The NI-DAQmx Base driver that supports it contains many RPM files. I want to know if I can install only the support for my specific DAQ device.


The driver NI-DAQmx base is the common driver for all supported National Instruments data acquisition on Linux. It cannot be partially installed choosing a specific set of RPM files. Instead, the installation should be proceeded this way:
  1. Login to your Linux shell as root
  2. Create a temporary folder on your local hard drive
  3. Download the image of the latest version of NI-DAQmx for Linux or NI-DAQmx Base for Linux
  4. Create a CD using the downloaded image or mount the image on your system
  5. Install your hardware first before installing the driver software
  6. Run “./INSTALL” from the CD or the mount created in step 4. The installer will:
    • Prompt you to read and respond to the terms of the NI software license
    • Automatically build and install the driver software kernel module
    • Install shared tools for device detection and configuration
    • Install LabVIEW and/or C API support

Additional Information

Not all DAQ devices are supported by NI-DAQmx Base for Linux. The README file available with the driver contains the information on the supported devices.


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