Industrial Enclosures (NI-9917, NI-9918) for cRIO and cDAQ

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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Where can I find more information on the NI 9917 and NI 9918 Industrial Enclosures for CompactRIO and CompactDAQ such as dimensions and mounting instructions?


The NI 9917 and NI 9918 are wall mounting industrial enclosures that can be used to house an NI CompactRIO or NI CompactDAQ in situations where it needs to be protected from harsh, dirty, and wet environments. 

The enclosures do not contain any mounting holes or holes to pass wires into the enclosure, these items must be drilled after purchase. The NI 9917 and NI 9918 enclosures come with a panel for internal mounting. This panel is also void of mounting holes and must be custom drilled to match the NI CompactRIO or NI CompactDAQ.
Figure. 1 - NI 9918 Industrial Enclosure

Refer to Dimensional Drawing for NI 9917 and Dimensional Drawing for NI 9918

Below are the dimensions for both the NI 9917 and NI 9918 enclosures as well as the internal mounting panel.

Industrial Enclosure:
Enclosure Dimensions
Height16 inches16 inches
Width12 inches12 inches
Depth8 inches8 inches
Window Dimensions
HeightN/A12.74 inches
WidthN/A7.10 inches
Material Information
Steel Gauge (Body)1818
Steel Gauge (Door)1614
ColorLight GrayLight Gray

Internal Mounting Panel:
Panel Dimensions
Height14.2 inches
Width10.2 inches
Material Information
Steel Gauge14