What Does AI Interchannel Phase Mismatch Measure?

Updated Jun 28, 2018

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  • USB-4431
  • USB-4432
  • PXIe-4492
  • PXI-4495
  • PXI-4496
  • PXIe-4496
  • PXIe-4497
  • PXI-4498
  • PXIe-4498
  • PXIe-4499

Issue Details

I'm looking at a Sound and Vibration card's user manual, and I came across the specification for an Interchannel Phase Mismatch. What does this specification indicate?


The Interchannel Phase Mismatch specification measures the amount of difference in phase between multiple analog inputs on a card, if they are reading the same signal.

For example, for 449x cards, the phase mismatch between channels is calculated as less than 0.20° with a gain of 20 dB, if the channels are configured identically. 

Some devices have a general mismatch, and others provide the formula to calculate the mismatch when given a certain frequency input. You will need to check your device's manual for the exact specification. 

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