How Can I Update the NI VLM Administrator Information on a Client Computer?

Updated Jul 2, 2018

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Volume License Manager

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My NI VLM administrator information has changed.  How can I update the NI VLM administrator information on a client computer to display the new contact information?


If the VLM administrator changes, then there are two different ways to update the administrator information displayed on the client computers.

The first option is to update the administrator information in NI VLM on the server machine and then distribute it out to all clients. To do so, first update the administrator information accordingly.  Then, create a new Volume License Installer for one of the software products.  Copy the Client folder of the Volume License Installer to the end users' machines and run vlmclient.exe.  This will update the server and administrator information automatically.  Note that this does not require the end users to reinstall any software.

The second option is to manually make these changes in the registry of the client computers. If you look in the registry, there will be an entry under the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\License Manager\Remote Servers

The name of the NI Volume License Manager server should be listed under Remote Servers. When you select the NI VLM server, the administrator information will appear on the right.  You can edit these values to reflect the updated information.

Both of the approaches require action to be taken on each client computer that accesses the Volume License Manager.


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