Getting Error -1967357949 When Using Static IP on My CompactRIO

Updated Jun 26, 2018

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller
  • PXI Controller
  • Controller for Compact FieldPoint
  • cRIO-9030


  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module

Issue Details

My stand-alone application works fine when deployed on my CompactRIO as an executable if the CompactRIO IP address is configured as DHCP/Link local. If the IP address is configured as static, the network shared variables on the host PC provide the error code -1967357949



It is possible that network shared variables do not have the time to get properly started before your programs starts reading them when using the static IP mode for your real-time target. This can also happen in DHCP/Link Local mode. In all situation, it is necessary to have an initialization step at the beginning of your real-time program, to wait for the network variables to be properly started before your program starts using them:

Additional Information

One way to understand what is happening on the CompactRIO is to use the remote debugging method on the Real-Time executable.


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