Why is the cRIO-9030 not Compatible with the NI-9918 Enclosure?

Updated Jan 25, 2019

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  • cRIO-9030
  • NI-9918

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I have a cRIO-9030, and I need to get an enclosure for it. When I look on the product page for the NI-9918, it says that the enclosure is not compatible with the 903X family of cRIOs. However, when I look at the dimensional drawings for the NI-9918 and the cRIO-9030, it seems like it would fit just fine. Why are these products not compatible?


Although the chassis may physically fit in the enclosure, the reason that the two are not compatible is due to required clearances for the 9030 chassis, as well as the C-Series Modules. Pages 23-26 of the cRIO-9030 User Manual  describe in more detail what clearances are necessary for the hardware as well as the necessary cabling clearances needed for the C-Series Modules that may be in the chassis.


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