Using Local Variables or References Couple with Property Nodes, Which One Run Faster?

Updated Oct 15, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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In my LabVIEW program, I want to assign controls by using local variables, or using references couple with property nodes. Which one costs less computer resources?


The local variables cost less computer resources.

A local variable only accesses the value property of the control. While a reference couple with a property node accesses all the properties of the control. Therefore, the local variable costs less computer resources.

Here is a test. Both the consuming time and the memory usage of the local Variable testing VI is less than that of the reference testing VI.

Fig. 1. Using Local Variable

Fig. 2. Using Reference couple with property nodes

Additional Information

When programming a large program, using references packed into a cluster is a method to make the program clear and easier to read. If your program is relatively large, and you don't have to continually assign the controls, using the references is a better choice.



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