How Can I Remove Deployed Libraries From the Network?

Updated Jul 1, 2018

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  • Distributed System Manager

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I deployed several libraries to the network and I want to remove them. Is there a way to remove this libraries from the network without using a LabVIEW project?


You can remove deployed libraries using NI Distributed System Manager. The NI Distributed System Manager is used to create, edit, monitor, and delete shared libraries or variables outside of the LabVIEW project environment. 

Follow the next steps to remove a deployed library or variable from the network:

1. Open NI Distributed System Manager
  • Select Tools»Distributed System Manager to display the NI Distributed System Manager.
Figure 1. Open NI Distributed System Manager from LabVIEW.
2. NI Distributed System Manager allows you to see all the devices that share the same network. Next, open the hierarchy tree of the device that publishes the library. There you will find all the deployed libraries with all their variables. 

Figure 2. Device hierarchy tree.

3. To remove the deployed libraries right click the library you want to remove and select Remove.

Figure 3. Remove library from network.


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