Which Power Supply Should I Use with the Danaher P70530 Drive?

Updated Jul 18, 2018

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The Danahar P70530 stepper drive requires external DC power. Which external power supplies are recommended for the P70530 drive?


There are two main factors to consider when selecting a power supply for your application.
  • Current Requirement
    The P70530 drive can source up to 5 A to your stepper motor although your motor may not require that level of current.
  • Output Voltage Requirement
    The P70530 drive is compatible with a supply that has an output voltage between 20 VDC to 75 VDC.

Consider these two factors when selecting the optimal power supply for your application and save money in your design. You have three options when selecting a power supply for your P70530 drive:

  • Recommended power supplies from the list below
  • Properly-sized unregulated power supply
  • Properly-sized regulated power supply and add an external capacitor. This option is not recommended.
Recommended Power Supplies
National Instruments recommends the following power supplies for your applications:


Additional Information

The PS-XX series of power supplies may be used with the P70530 provided the power supply capacitance meets the minimum bus capacitance for the application. The equation to determine the minimum bus capacitance is: 

Cbus min = 6000 uF * (motor Arms / 5Arms) * (75V / bus voltage) 

As an example, if using a 1A motor and a PS-XX at 24V. The minimum capacitance would be 6000*(1/5)*(75/24)=3750uF. 

Since the capacitance of the PS-15 is 1800uF, the capacitance of the PS-16 is 7000uF, and the capacitance of the PS-17 is 8500uF, choose the PS-16.

All of these power supplies accept international AC inputs.

Selecting an Unregulated Power Supply
An unregulated power supply mainly consists of a large capacitor, a rectifier, and a transformer. The advantage of unregulated supplies are that they are simple and inexpensive, can handle short but large current demands without shutting off, and are more immune to overvoltage damage due to regeneration conditions which occur in some motion control applications. This makes unregulated power supplies ideal for powering motor drives. However, unregulated power supplies do not contain extra circuitry to ensure that the power supply output remains within some specified tolerance. If you use an unregulated power supply for your P70530 drive, it must meet the following specifications:
  • Voltage between 20 VDC and 75 VDC
  • Voltage is high enough to produce the torque/speed performance you need to get out of your stepper motor for your application
  • Maximum current exceeds the requirement to drive your motor at the torque you would like to achieve
  • Input AC voltage and frequency is correct for your region or is flexible enough to work in all regions of the world

Selecting a Regulated Power Supply
Regulated power supplies are not recommended for use with motors due to high current demands encountered during acceleration/deceleration which may cause the supply to shut off. If you must use a regulated power supply, Danaher strongly recommends that you add a bus capacitor to the output of the power supply. Refer to Appendix A in the P70530 (DC) High Performance Micro-Stepping Drive Reference Guide for information about the size and type capacitor you need to add to your regulated power supply.


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