Error -1074396199 When Using LabVIEW Generated Code From Vision Assistant

Updated Jun 21, 2018

Reported In


  • Vision Assistant

Issue Details

I have LabVIEW code that is generated from NI Vision Assistant.  I am receiving Error -1074396199 in one of the VI's of the autogenerated code.  How is this error caused and how do I resolve it?


There are two error's associated with the NI Vision Assistant autogenerated code and they are Error -1074396199 and -1074396198.  These are used by the code to keep track of when a step in the script fails.

The issue is most likely coming from the images that are being captured or the accuracy of the NI Vision Assistant Script that generated the code.  In order to resolve it, improve the images or the accuracy of the NI Vision Assistant script and regenerating new LabVIEW code.


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