I Need My Version of LabVIEW Without Updates or Patches

Updated Oct 2, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

The version of the LabVIEW that I have, has the latest updates installed, and I need a version without patches. For example, I want LabVIEW 17.0.0, but when I install it I have LabVIEW 17.0.241.    


When you download the installer of LabVIEW, the version that is installed does not have patches.  If you want to work with this default version, just don't make any update. In this way, any patch will be installed. 

Additional Information

It is important to consider why you want to install a version of LabVIEW without patches. The VIs are compatible for a same LabVIEW version even though the patches are different. For example, a VI made in LabVIEW 17.0.241 will open in LabVIEW 17.0.0, because the VIs are saved in 17.0 version. 
Also you can open or save VIs from different versions of LabVIEW according to this table.


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