Missing XNET.rc Error

Updated May 3, 2023

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I recently moved a LabVIEW project that uses the NI-XNET driver from one computer to another. Now when I try to open any of my VIs, I receive the following error:

This VI needs a driver or toolkit component that is not found. Missing resource file "xnet.rc"
  • I've downloaded and installed the newest NI-XNET Runtime and NI-CAN, but the error persists. What file am I missing and how do I resolve this error?
  • The project was migrated from an older version of LabVIEW. Could this have anything to do with the error as well?


This is a common issue encountered when only the NI-XNET Runtime Engine is installed, rather than the full NI-XNET driver. The Runtime Engine is a separate program designed to run applications made with the NI-XNET driver on a computer that does not have the LabVIEW development environment or NI-XNET driver on it.

To resolve this error, install the full NI-XNET driver and restart your computer. Upon restarting, both the NI-XNET driver and NI-XNET Runtime will show up in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer under My System»Software.

Ensure that none of the VI's have a cross link  back into the the previous version of the LabVIEW project directory that may not have been updated to the latest version. It is possible that this error could occur if the VI is trying to call a different version of the NI-XNET driver through the VI.