How to Install the NI-XNET Database Editor

Updated Oct 23, 2023

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I want to install the NI-XNET Database Editor either to create a database without installing the rest of NI-XNET, or I have installed NI-XNET but I do not have the NI-XNET Database Editor Installed. How do I install only the NI-XNET Database Editor on my system?


The NI-XNET Database Editor does not have a standalone installer, and installing through the NI-XNET driver is the only way to install the Database Editor on a system. Ensure you tick the optional feature to install the NI-XNET Database Editor.
Additionally, if installing NI-XNET 18.5 or previous, it must be the development version of the driver, as the NI-XNET Runtime version does not include the Database Editor.