NI 9751 Module Not Detected in cRIO 904x/905x Series

Updated Mar 10, 2020

Reported In


  • cRIO-9048
  • NI-9751

Issue Details

I am using a 904x/905x cRIO with DAQmx support. I am trying to use a 9751 module, but it is not detected. This module works fine in older cRIO modules.

I have configured the module to be in FPGA programming mode but it still does not work.


An additional patch is needed to make the 9751 module work with NI 904x/905x series CompactRIOs. This patch is attached to this KB below.

Additional Information

The 9751 injector module is not manufactured by National Instruments so drivers and support for the module may not be immediately available with new National Instruments hardware.