LabVIEW FPGA: The Compile Worker Cannot Perform the Compilation

Updated Jan 10, 2024

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW FPGA Module
  • FPGA Xilinx Compilation Tools

Issue Details

I am trying to compile an FPGA bitfile but I get one of the the following error messages that prevents me from being able to compile:
  • Due to licensing or configuration the compile worker cannot compile. Please fix any issues and restart.
  • LabVIEW FPGA: The compile worker cannot perform the compilation. The compile worker may be configured incorrectly for this compilation or it may be in an error state.
This error message is also shown in the image below:
  • Due to bad installation or configuration, the compiler worker does not have any compiler capability. Please fix any issues and restart.


  • Check the version of the Xilinx Compilation Tools installed on your computer  and verify it is compatible with your LabVIEW version and NI FPGA Hardware.
    • Note: If your computer is running Windows 10 please ensure that the compiler you require is compatible with Windows 10. If the error occurs when trying to compile an FPGA VI for a compactRIO (cRIO) or compactRIO Single-Board (sbRIO) controller with the Xilinx Compilation Tool for Vivado 2021.1 in LabVIEW 2022 Q3 and you have the compactRIO 2022 Q3 driver installed on your PC, upgrade the driver to version 2022 Q4 or later (check the readme file for compatibility information), or use the Xilinx Compilation Tool for Vivado 2019.1 instead. Support for cRIO and sbRIO targets in Vivado 2021.1 was included in the 2022 Q4 release of the compactRIO driver. 
  • Remove the FPGA target from your project right-clicking on it and select Remove from Project. Then add the FPGA target again. 
  • Ensure that the license status of the Xilinx Compilation Tools is not in evaluation mode. Note: If you are activating your software through an activation server but it still shows up as in evaluation, refer to Evaluation Software Won't Activate Through Volume License Server .
  • It is possible that even if the correct version of Xilinx Compilation Tools is installed, it is corrupt. 
  • If you're facing the error in Windows 7 machine, there is another option which is to use Windows 10 as a remote compile worker. This would require the Windows 7 and Windows 10 machine to be connected using Ethernet cable and compatible version of Xilinx Compilation Tool to be installed on the Windows 7 machine.

Additional Information

An alternative way to compile your code is to use the LabVIEW FPGA Compile Cloud Service.