3rd Party LabVIEW Toolkit Deactivation

Updated Jun 20, 2018

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  • LabVIEW
  • Third Party Add-Ons

Issue Details

I am trying to deactivate a 3rd party toolkit in LabVIEW so I can use it on another computer. How does the deactivate button found at Help >> Activate Add-ons work?


Add-ons listed in the Third Party Add-on Activation Wizard are licensed using the Third Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit (TPLAT) and a 3rd party activation server.

Third party developers have the option to enable deactivation attempts for toolkit licenses in this 3rd party server via the deactivate button. However, not all products support this functionality.

If you are trying to deactivate or transfer a toolkit license, and the deactivate option is not available, contact the toolkit provider's support phone number or email address to discuss other options for transferring the license.


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