Error -8260 With Automotive Diagnostic Command Set In LabVIEW

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Reported In


  • Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit

Issue Details

I am using an example that comes with the Automotive Diagnostic Command Set (ADCS) Toolkit. I receive Error -8260 "Diagnostic command timeout. A response from the ECU was not received" when I run my example. How can I solve this error?
Error 8260.png


Error -8260 means that a timeout with the driver has occurred. It is possible to clear the error in LabVIEW to ignore it, but it would be worth checking the following to make sure you aren't losing data:
  • Double-check the CAN messages that are causing the timeout to ensure they are properly formatted:
    • Configure the NI-XNET Bus Monitor as subordinate and tick the option log transmitted frames. More detailed instructions can be found on Log Bus Traffic with NI-XNET Bus Monitor While Running NI-XNET Application  article.
    • Verify that you are sending the frame 0x7E0 (2016) with the bus monitor. ​​​​​BusMonitor.png
    • If you don't see the frame 0x7E8 (2024), then a message is being transmitted but the ECU is not responding:
    • Verify on the documentation of the ECU if the protocol settings are correct, some ECUs use 0x7DF (2015) as Receive ID instead of 0x7E0 (2016).
    • If you see a response frame with an ID different than 0x7E8, then update your Receive ID. The ECU must have been configured to transmit on a different ID. 
  • Verify that another device can read the data you are trying to send.
  • Check baud rates, termination, and cabling (e.g.: make sure DB9 to OBD cable has correct wiring pin-outs).

Additional Information

Custom ECUs are required to follow the UDS protocol, the Automotive Diagnostic Command Set supports only the ISO TP (standardized in ISO 15765-2).