Updates After SignalExpress 2015

Updated Jun 22, 2018

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  • SignalExpress 2015

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Are there any updates besides SignalExpress2015?


There are currently no major releases for SignalExpress after version 2015.

You can explore DAQExpress as an alternative if you are looking for a similar experience.

Additional Information

DAQExpress provides instant connectivity to your NI DAQ hardware to view your measurements. If you’re using SignalExpress today, there are several advantages to switching to DAQExpress, such as updated measurement panels and the ability to build automated or custom measurements. However, not all SignalExpress functions are supported in DAQExpress, like the ability to connect to third-party instruments through serial communication.

If you require functions supported in SignalExpress but not yet supported in DAQExpress, we recommend you continue to use SignalExpress. If you choose to move to DAQExpress, you can start configuring your measurement by using the getting started materials referenced in the section above. You cannot open SignalExpress projects in DAQExpress.


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