Why Do I Have a Shift on Values From the Channels of my Multiplexer ?

Updated Jun 20, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-4080
  • PXI-2575

Issue Details

I read some values with a PXI DMM multimeter 4080 and then I have a PXI-multiplexer 2575. If I have channels 3, 4 and 5 connected, there is a shift in values : I read the value of channel 3 on channel 4. What can I do to avoid this behavior ?


To avoid this behavior, you must be careful to configure all triggers correctly . On the example of LabVIEW, there is the project "Switch - Scanning with a DMM - Handshaking" which shows that you have to configure the triggers three times. You can see the triggers configuration at A2, B3 and B5 This is the snippet of this example.:


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