Error -1172 From .NET DLL When Running a LabVIEW Executable

Updated Nov 6, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have an application that uses a .NET DLL and my code works fine in the development environment in LabVIEW but when I build the code into an executable it causes Error -1172 with the message:
Invoke Node Error calling method...
Or the message:
Error 1172 occured at Constructor Node. Error creating instance of <DLL name> in assembly 
Why does it do this and how do I fix it?


When a .NET driver is called from an executable the DLL and all of the dependencies of the DLL need to be in the same directory/folder as the executable.  If you move the DLL and its necessary dependencies into the same folder as the executable, (make sure these are not within a subfolder)  the problem should be fixed. 

You can also include the DLL in the build of the executable.