Large Installer Size When Building a Volume License Installer from a Software Bundle

Updated Jun 14, 2018

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • Batch Installer Builder

Issue Details

I am have downloaded the Software Platform Bundle and need to build a Volume License Installer (VLI) but I do not want to include all of the software. When building the installer I select Include a subset of products in the Installer Source (Advanced) and select the portion of software products from the bundle that I would like to include. After building the installer I notice that the total size of the VLI is much larger than the sum of the individual software products I included. Where is this additional size coming from and how do I decrease the size of the VLI?


To ensure that only the necessary files are included in your VLI you must:
  1. Build a Batch Installer of the software products from the Software Bundle that you would like to include
  2. Build a VLI from the batch installer so that it still points the software back to the license server

Additional Information

When building a Volume License Installer (VLI) from a Software Bundle, the VLI pulls in everything from the Common folder, regardless of which software products you select to include. Therefore, there may be files included in the Common folder of your VLI that are not being used by any of the software products you selected. A batch installer, however, is able to differentiate between what is neededfrom the Common folder, and what is not. 


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