Risks of Hot Swapping PXIe, PXI, or cPCI Modules

Updated Sep 18, 2023

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  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Controller
  • PXI Components

Issue Details

  • Can I insert or remove modules from my PXI(e) chassis without powering it down first?
  • Are PXIe, PXI, or cPCI modules hot-swappable?


Hot-swapping is not supported by NI PXI(e) Systems – Removing or inserting modules while the system is running can result in fatal damage to the swapped module, to the chassis slot, or even to other modules in the chassis in question. Modules should only be removed or inserted while the chassis is fully powered off.
Note: If the chassis is being controlled by another PC using an MXI link you must also power down the PC in question.
Hot-swapping PXIe, PXI, or cPCI modules can lead to electrical arcing, which may damage them and make them start malfunctioning.

In addition to the very likely hardware damage, some BIOS may not be prepared for PCI(e) hardware removal, which could make the OS crash (e.g. BSoD for Windows).

Additional Information

If the system in question must have minimal downtime, NI offers Hardware Services to shorten system bring-up time and quickly get it working again.