Error -17850 With TestStand Sequence Execution on Remote Computer

Updated Jul 6, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I developed a TestStand sequence with a SequenceCall step configured to execute the subsequence on a remote computer, as displayed in the following image:

In Sequence Call Advanced Settings window, I correctly configured the IP address of the remote host where the sequence should run.

However, when I run the MainSequence, I get the following error:
Run-Time Error

Error calling sequence xxx.
Error loading step 'xxx' of sequence 'MainSequence' in file 'xxx.seq'.
An error occurred accessing the Remote TestStand Engine on host ''.
* Verify the name of the remote host and bitness prefix (if present) are correct.
* You must install TestStand on the remote host and configure the REngine.exe program through dcomcnfg to permit access.
* CoCreateInstance returned '0x800706ba': The RPC server is unavailable.

NOTE: Although this step is not in the main sequence, it is in the same file, and its
module load option is set to 'Preload when execution begins'. To avoid this error in
the future, change the step or sequence file module load option to 'Load dynamically'.

Error Code:
-17850; Remote execution error.

How can I fix the problem?


You should check the following steps:
  • enable the TestStand server on the remote computer by enable the Allow Sequence Calls from Remote Computers to Run on this Computer option on the Remote Execution tab of the Station Options dialog box
  • configure DCOM settings for the Remote Server properly
  • configure Windows firewall for the Remote Server properly
  • if the subsequence you are calling is in the same sequence file as the MainSequence, you should do one of the following modifications:
    • configure Sequence Call step or sequence file load option to Load dynamically
    • move the subsequence to a different sequence file and modify the module pathname in SequenceCall step configuration

Additional Information

To change load option:
  • for the sequence file, you should open Edit » Sequence File Properties and set Load Option to Load Dynamically
  • for a single step, in Step Settings window for the step, you should open Properties tab: under Run Options, you should set Load Option to Load Dynamically


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